I love to take women and their families who are feeling 'not quite well' and help them to get happy, get well and sparkle again.

I love to take a woman by the hand, help her identify the parts that she plays in her ‘not quite well’ journey, the moments where she has given her power and responsibility away to someone else to ‘fix’ her and be with her when she realises, with disappointment (and sometimes devastation), that that isn’t the way.

I love that moment when she realises her pattern of self-sabotage.  And I love that moment when she finally decides to move out of her own way.

I love to help her identify the areas of her health (or lack of), that are letting her down.  To help her create a plan that gets her moving in the direction of how she wants to feel for the rest of her life.


Because I was THAT woman.  Because until I was 36 years old, I had been 'not quite well' for my whole life.   

What started as simple asthma and eczema as a 7 year old, snowballed out of control throughout my teenage years and my twenties ....and finally in my thirties, I was done.

It was a combination of things that had happened to me (stressful events, tragic loss of loved ones), environment (living in farming areas where pesticide usage was high), exposures to chemicals, drugs (of the medical kind) and self sabotage.  Everything combined and caused my body to crash and refuse to co-operate.  

I reached a point where the more I tried, the less my body co-operated.  The more I rebelled and sabotaged myself, the more angry and bitter I felt ...and the worse my condition became.  Until one day, crying in my husband's arms, he told me (with the best of intentions) that I just had a "sickly disposition".  

The hackles rose on my neck and I thought,  "No.  No, I don't and ....No, I won't!  This is not it. This won't be my life".

I remember that feeling.  The fear that I would have to live my entire life feeling like this.  The disillusionment.  The question of why ...."why?  When I do everything so right?"


I’ve watched women recover from long standing fatigue and have more energy for their families.  I’ve seen women take control of their auto-immune disease and push it into remission.  I’ve seen blood sugar issues and thyroid conditions normalise, excess weight dropped (without even trying), bloating, gas, diarrhoea and constipation disappear and skin conditions clear up.  I’ve watched chronic pain diminish and disappear.

I’ve seen women take back their health and happiness …I've seen them finally awaken to a magical life, where they steer their ship.  And you can too.


If you’ve connected with any of this ……You’re in the right place.