In Clinic Consultations

If you live in Canberra or the surrounds, I'd love to see you in Clinic.

The Clinic is located within The Allergy Centre in Jamison Plaza, Macquarie.

 Because the Allergy Centre has a fully functioning and PROFESSIONAL clinic, if you have a private health fund that includes alternative and complimentary therapies can claim your rebate ….ON THE SPOT.
We also boast a full practitioner dispensary,  and your choice of 'over the counter' supplements and foods …..EVERYTHING is available at the Allergy Centre.  It’s your one-stop shop for health and wellness.

If you would like to book an 'In Clinic' consultation you call the Allergy Centre on 6251 2670 OR you can follow this link to the online diary and choose a date and time that suits you.  

Skype Consultations

No matter where in the world you live can work with me! 

Skype is a truly wonderful invention.  It means that you can have 1:1 consultations with a fully qualified, evidence based Naturopath and Scientist with special interest and experience in working with SIBO and restoring and healing the Microbiome, right from the comfort of your home ....or your workplace ....or your car (yep, that happened).

Just like seeing me in person, in my clinic.

And if you live in Australia and have private health insurance, you can claim your health insurance rebate too. 

To book your Skype Consultation, please contact me using the contact form and we'll get you booked in ASAP.