uBiome BASIC Package


Meet Your Microbes


-How to navigate your uBiome test results with an expert.

-What to eat, what to avoid and what extra nutrients you need for a healthy Microbiome.

-Restore, Rebuild and Boost your Microbiome to change your life.


“Your microbiome is the unique collection of trillions of microorganisms in and on your body. They play a big part in your wellness”.

- uBiome.com

The Human Body depends on a vast army of microbes to keep healthy and stay alive.  The microbiome protects us against germs, breaks down fibres and food to release energy, and produces vitamins.  Many microbes are helpful ….and some microbes can be less helpful or even harmful.  Diversity and Balance are key.

uBiome Explorer kits give you access to state-of-the-art tools to learn more about your microbiome, using advanced DNA sequencing and building on research from the NIH Human Microbiome Project. 


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    Your kit comes complete with simple and clear instructions so that you can take your sample in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


    Once you’ve collected your sample, pop it in the included envelope and head to the post office to get your green sticker (international shipping) and post.  Once your sample is processed in the lab, uBiome will send you a link so you can access your test results.


    There is so much information in your uBiome report and not all of it is relevant.  What’s important?  What’s just interesting?  What can you do today to get your Microbiome and your health tracking in the right direction?

    UBiome is at the cutting edge of microbiome testing technology so when it comes to analysing your results and creating a gut hacking plan that will change your life …..you need a practitioner who’s up with all of the latest information and research.

    Melissa Luxmoore is a university trained Biologist and fully qualified Naturopath with 14 years experience. You’ll often find her elbow deep in the latest research, conferences and study to ensure you fully understand all the relevant information that comes in your uBiome report.

    Together you’ll analyse your uBiome results, pinpoint the best foods and fibres to restore, rebuild or boost your microbiome and create a treatment plan that blends effortlessly into your already crazy days.


When you purchase your uBiome BASIC package, your purchasing expertise. From uBiome’s expert and cutting edge technology to Melissa’s expert advice.

Included in each uBiome BASIC package is:

  • TWO - uBiome testing kits - 1 test to get your starting point and the other to test your progress (after approximately 4-6 months).

  • THREE - Expert consultations with Melissa.

    First Consult to analyse your uBiome results and create a microbiome boosting plan.

    Second consult to check your progress with the plan, troubleshoot any problems and change up any nutrients to superboost your microbiome.

    Third appointment to analyse the results of your 2nd uBiome test and set you up for being the guardian of your all important microbiome.

  • Handouts that teach you WHAT TO EAT, HOW MUCH TO EAT and WHAT SPECIFIC NUTRIENTS your unique microbiome requires.


You want your body to be around a lot longer than that expensive handbag ….so you’re going to need to invest in it!

The cost of the uBiome BASIC Package is $545 (saving $160 for a limited time!) and is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

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Call or Email the Allergy Centre to purchase or enquire about your uBiome BASIC Package now.


**The uBiome BASIC Package is not designed to 0ffer advice or treatment plans for specific health conditions or disorders. If you would like your package tailored to your unique health quirks or an existing health condition, you will need to book a full INITIAL consultation PRIOR to completing your uBiome test.

**Supplements are not included in the cost of the uBiome BASIC Package.